CBTCL is a lottery/raffle type program. Simply purchase a ticket and wait for the draw and if your number comes out, YOU WIN. There are 61 prizes in all to be won: 1st prize - 100 Btc, 2nd prize through to 20th prize - 1 Btc each. All winning tickets, from 1st prize to 20th prize, will also win 1 Btc each for their nominated registered charity. We also have a Jackpot Prize to be won, and will jackpot 10 Btc each draw that it is not won. There will also be 20 Refer A Friend prizes to be won, please see below on how to win these prizes.

ALL TICKET WINNERS in CBTCL, after receiving their winnings, will be able to name the Charity of their choice, and CBTCL will donate 1 Btc or cash to the value of 1 Btc to that Charity, so the 20 ticket winners will name 20 Charities, but all Charities must be a legal and registered charity.

Tickets can only be purchased using Btc. Members can login to their CBTCL account, click on the Purchase Tickets button, choose the number of tickets you wish to purchase, click on the Pay Now button then copy the Btc address provided to finalise your purchase through your own personal Btc Wallet. Once payment has been sent and confirmed, your tickets will be added to your CBTCL account and can be viewed on your Purchase History page in your CBTCL account.

Tickets are only 0.001 Btc each.

Yes. You will need a Btc Wallet so you can purchase a ticket and also to receive any winnings from CBTCL. If you do not already have a wallet, we recommend www.coinjar.com/_ref/@cbtcl for a secure wallet, and they also offer an ATM card with their accounts. There are many good wallets out there, but please be careful in choosing who you use, do your research first.

CBTCL is open to all residents except those residents from Hong Kong. All ticket holders must be 18 years of age and over.

The “Jackpot” prize will be drawn as soon as the main draw is completed and all 20 prizes have been won. There will be 1 number drawn and if it matches any of the 20 winning numbers then the “Jackpot” will go off, if it doesn’t match any of the 20 winning numbers then it will “Jackpot” 10Btc every draw until it is won.

The draw will be done each time 200,000 tickets are sold. As soon as 1 lottery is full, the draw will be done, winners will be paid out and nominated charities will be notified and paid, and then the next lottery will go on sale and so on. The draw will be done live on our Facebook page using a random number generator. All members will be notified by email what day and time the draw will be done.

Winners will be announced and notified through their accounts, on our Facebook page and on our Twitter page.

When you register with CBTCL you will be assigned a unique referral link, which you can find in your members profile section. Use this link and send it to your friends so they can sign up under you. You will win a bonus prize if you happen to be the referrer to any of the 20 winners that come out in the main draw. The referrer that referred the main winner will win 1 Btc, the referrers to the other 19 minor prize winners will have their accounts credited with 5 free tickets each in the next available lottery draw.